Virtual Writer's Rounds hosted by AVE

written by Brianne Petrone

AVE kicked off the new year with her fifth installment of her virtual Writer’s Rounds that have gained wide scale interest and attention from independent artists near and far. 

In an incredibly inspiring sunday night filled with music and collaboration, this round drew artists from around the country and across the ocean, with a performer joining all the way from Estonia. 

AVE began hosting this monthly virtual event to fill the need for creative connection. She’s since fostered a newfound sense of community, one that’s currently lacking in the entertainment industry. 

“Connection, especially during this pandemic is crucial for us [artists],” said North Carolina Singer-Songwriter Nikki Forbes. 

The night began with a special introduction and giveaway announcement from AVE’s close friend and Producer James Kennedy and Manager Cynthia Birkett. INCA, a new management service offering industry tools and bundles for up-and-coming musical artists, based in Nashville, TN, offered one performer from the night with a free written song review. Congrats to Syd Rose for winning the review for her poetic and beautifully written song “The Best Thing.” 

AVE kicked off the round with a performance of “Joey” off her debut album Burn Book. The chilling acoustic rendition led to a flood of comments in the chat regarding the emotional lyrics and “breathtaking” imagery. 

The rest of the night brought about a range of stories and musical styles from pop to country to rock and many more in between. Each artist brought their own unique sound featuring instruments of all kinds: piano, electric guitar, harp, etc. 

The personal and relatable stories each performer was willing to share was truly inspiring. The comment section was constantly filled with insightful complements, hype ups and genuine support for one another. 

The rounds have thus far proven to be so much more than just a place for artists to share their work, but also an opportunity to network, collaborate, experiment and meet new people in an otherwise limiting time. 

It’s exceeded the boundaries of time and place. It continues to give artists and musicians a safe, open space to showcase and receive feedback on their work. 

The next round will take place February 7th at 5pm EST. The rounds continue to go international and will have artists joining from the UK, Itay, Germany and Sweden. Don’t miss the next one!

written by Brianne Petrone